If you are looking for a durable and beautiful style of solid wood drawers for your cabinets consider dovetail drawers from Springfield Woodworking. For superior craftsmanship on wood drawers in Winnipeg, Springfield Woodworking now offers dovetail drawers, which last longer and are custom made for any space. Dovetail drawers more securely hold the drawer front and side together. It is an old-world style of drawer construction that is made of solid birch wood.

A UV clear finish protects against fading and cracking, and these drawers can be custom made in any kitchen and can be made to fit your existing cabinets. There is no need to purchase separate cabinets from us specifically for dovetail drawers.

Kitchen Measuring Guide

Measure along all walls corner to corner

Measure from corner to outside edge of door casing. Measure door from outside trim to outside trim (if there is trim on the door)

Measure from corner to outside edge of window trim. Measure window outside of trim to outside of trim

Measure window from floor to outside of window trim. Measure height of window from outside trim to outside trim

Measure from the corner to the center of your sink

If you are keeping your appliances measure the width, height and depth of all of your appliances (fridge, stove dishwasher, microwave). Measure from the corner to the edge of each appliance to note its location on the wall. If purchasing new appliance bring the new specifications with you measurements

Measure from the corner to any outlets, switches or vents that may interfere with the cabinet design

Measure from the floor to the ceiling. If there are bulkheads measure from the floor to the bottom of the bulkhead, also the height and width of the bulkhead

Kitchen Countertops

For more information on how we can transform your kitchen with durable dovetail drawers please give us a call for a quote.